News for Harold’s Cross – Jan 2020

Planning: There are 792 new units with 1,918 bed-spaces, an increase of approx. 25% over the 2016 census figures. In this context the Harold’s Cross Village Community Council is vigorously pressing for a Local Area Plan before any further rezoning happens. This is a vital requirement considering that development levies and land disposals generated from these developments contributed in excess of €6.5m for the City Council.

A motion proposed by Councillors Mary Freehill, Pat Dunne, Deirdre Conroy, Tara Deacy & Anne Feeney at the December Area Committee meeting to commence a Local Area Plan in 2020 was agreed.

Please raise the issue of piecemeal development and the lack of investment in local public amenities with canvassers in the upcoming general election. Harold’s Cross urgently needs a Local Area Plan !

The City Manager has proposed to change the City Development Plan to re-zone Greenmount Industrial Estate for residential development. A web-based public consultation process is now open. The Community Council opposes any and all re-zoning in the absence of a Local Area Plan. Submissions must be made by Wednesday, 22 January. Click: HERE or paste this link :

Rosie O’Grady’s : The neighbouring residents met with the Project Manager- John Nicol – before Christmas to discuss the impacts that the development will create during and post development. To ensure timely, comprehensive communication a direct line of communication has been established vis a phone line, emails and a Project Newsletter Webpage. Click: HERE. The Construction Management Plan, a Residential Travel Plan and details of the materials proposed in the public areas have recently been submitted. It is proposed to name the apartments “Tivoli Court”.

Kenilworth Motors : The new owners, Singapore based Trinity House Investments, have retained Harte Property & Investment to develop the site. They intend to apply directly to An Bord Pleanála for permission for 200+ build-to-let apartments or shared-living units in H1/2020. It is valuable to browse both websites.

Murphy & Gunn : Rathgar Avenue closed down suddenly before Christmas. Another site for development and another reason for a Local Area Plan !

2.    The Minister for Education & Skills has awarded Educate Together patronage of the proposed 1,000 pupil post-primary school in Harold’s Cross. The press release included the following rider :

“The online parental preference processes indicated a minority preference for Irish as the preferred language of instruction. Having regard to the level of preferences for Irish-medium, particularly in the Dublin 6/6W area survey, the Department will  engage with patrons of existing Irish-medium gaelcholáistí and the new schools to ensure that this demand is addressed.”

3.    Age Friendly Village : The first meeting of the Implementation Team comprising local residents, public representatives, an official of the HSE, the DCC Programme Manager and Kimmage-Rathmines LEA Manger will take place in January to consider the draft report following the walk-around survey in November.

4.    HX Grow Hub : Following the piece in the Christmas Harold’s Xpress a group of people are moving to get ready for spring. If you are interested in growing useful and beautiful plants, flowers or veg at home in your garden, balcony and / or window box just email: HXGROW@GMAIL.COM

5.    The HOME-STREET-HOME stock clearance sale is in full swing. See attached email or Click: HERE

6.    Have you heard about Dublin’s latest music venue – The Four Provinces Pub in Ravensdale Park just past the KCR Industrial Estate ? Well this Saturday, January 11th Musiclee presents a superb blues / jazz / country gig with internationally renowned guitarists Ben Prevo and Ed Dean. See attached email or Click: HERE and HERE

7.    Rathfarnham Castle has a wonderful programme of events in January including : Silhouettes and Shadows, an exhibition featuring exquisite portraits and sculptures of David Bowie by UK-based artist Sara Captain and Italian artist Maria Primolan. Admission FREE. Click: HERE

8.    Anyone who attended the performance of “Take off Your Cornflakes” at the Festival in 2018 will be delighted to hear that Pat & Rose are hitting the road on a tour of Ireland – including the Civic and the Pavilion Theatres. !

9.    Here’s contact details for our Kimmage-Rathmines Councillors:

·         Deirdre Conroy (FF) / 086 280 5413

·         Patrick Costello (GP) / 087 943 1494

·         Tara Deacy (Soc D) / 087 938 9904

·         Pat Dunne (I4C) / 087 776 4422

·         Anne Feeney (FG) / 087 295 5256

·         Mary Freehill (Lab) / 086 812 6378

10.  Many more FREE EVENTS in Dublin this week HERE