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1. Marlet has offloaded the Mount Argus Mill development to a German fund. Click HERE. Dublin City Council has agreed to acquire 13 units in the block closest to St Gladys Nursing Home.

2.    Here’s a link to a property on Grosvenor Place that has plenty of interesting local historical associations. Click HERE

And here is the latest on Saint Pancras. Click HERE.

3.    The agenda for the July South East Area council meeting included these local issues:

Mount Argus

DCC have agreed to acquire 13 units in block H of this development. The units acquired will include 4 x 1 beds, 8 x 2 beds and 1 x 3 beds. The units are expected to be ready in Q4 of this year.

Terenure Village

Proposal to screen recycling bins in car park on Terenure Road North was examined in partnership with Terenure 2030 / Tidy Towns and Waste Management Services and will be carried out in 2019. Dublin Canvas has been asked to create a design.

Grand Canal Sub Group

The latest meeting of the Grand Canal Sub-committee was held on 23rd April 2019. The Canal Ambassador Scheme pilot is running well. There was a large turnout for the canal element of the Dublin Community Clean-up Day on 27th April 2019 in conjunction with the four Dublin Local Authorities and Waste Management Section DCC. The IWAI Dublin Branch Boat Rally took place in May on both canals. Waterways Ireland are to propose a new format for canal subgroup meetings in the coming months. The next meeting of the Grand Canal Subcommittee will be held on 4th September 2019.

Rathgar Village Improvement Plan (VIP)

The redesign of Herzog Park is the final element of the Rathgar VIP to be undertaken. The Nature Play Area was officially opened by the Lord Mayor on 13th September 2018. Works to construct the Multi-Use Games Area (MUGA) on the site of the bowling green are now complete and park landscaping is underway. The MUGA will be open in September 2019. This constitutes phase 2 of the works. Works to re-align the bring centre are almost complete and it will reopen as soon as leaf collection area is completed in mid-July. Internal planting, boundary treatment, and the car park area will be addressed in the final phase 3 later in 2019.

Please find below a list of events taking place in the South East Area in July 2019, organised or supported by the Community Development Team of the South East Area Office.

·         13 July from 11 – 4pm – ‘Funster’ children’s entertainment at Busy Park Market.

·         13 July at 2pm – Dartmouth Square Picnic in the Park.


·         Every Tuesday at 11am – Dance for Life dance classes for older people at the Evergreen Centre, Terenure.

·         Every Tuesday at 2pm – Let’s Walk & Talk walking group, meeting outside the Barge Pub, Charlemont Street.

·         Every Thursday at 10am – Parent & Toddlers Group at the Evergreen Centre, Terenure.

·         Every Saturday at 10am – Parent & Toddlers Group at the Evergreen Centre, Terenure.

·         Every Saturday from 11 – 4pm – Bushy Park Market.

·         Every Saturday at 2pm – Let’s Walk & Talk walking group, meeting at the car park of the Dropping Well Pub, Milltown.


The Forever Fit Programme is aimed at older adults and focuses on activities to improve balance, increase mobility, strength, coordination and prevent falls.

Details of Forever Fit programmes running in the South East Area during the next six week period are outlined below.

·         Programme: Chair Fit, Mount Drummond

Dates/Times: Mondays 7pm – 8pm

Location: Mount Drummond Sheltered Housing Complex, Harold’s Cross

Participants: Older Adults –55+ years


The aim of the Go for Life Games is to involve older adults in recreational sport with emphasis on participation and fun. The games can be played in singles, pairs and teams and are played in a non-competitive way (as much as possible!) with participants encouraged to umpire their own game.

The programme involves the following three sports;

·         Lobbers – adaption of Petanque and Boules

·         Flisk – adaption of Frisbee and Horseshoe Pitching

·         Scidil – adaption of Ten-Pin Bowling and Skittles

Dates/Times: Mondays 7pm – 8pm/Wednesdays 3pm-4pm

Location: Mount Drummond Court, Harold’s Cross (Mondays) Beechwood Centre, Ranelagh (Wednesdays)

Participants: Mixed 55+ years

4.    McGarry’s Pub got a nice summer write-up in Lovin’ Dublin. Click HERE.

5.    Did you enjoy the Dublin Concert Band in the Park on the Saturday afternoon of the Festival? If so, or if you missed them, you can avail of a repeat performance during their summer programme in other local Parks: July 21st 12noon- 2pm – St. Patrick’s Park beside the Cathedral and August 11th 2-4pm back in Harold’s Cross Park !  

6.    Many more FREE EVENTS in Dublin this week HERE

Warning on recycling offer from Dublin City Council

Recycling fliers were recently sent to residents in the Harold’s Cross Area The last time such a collection happened,  only certain things were taken and a lot of other goods were left behind outside people’s houses,   which looked awful and left a huge mess in the area. Here’s an example of the flier.

Dublin City Council Waste Management team has advised that this collection is illegal under the Waste Management Acts and asked us to issue notices where required advising that this is an illegal waste collection/WEEE service and for residents in the area not to take part.

Anyone who gets these leaflets should contact Dublin City Council’s Waste Management section.

Pearse McGloughlin & Harold’s Bazaar


Recently, a great little shop in Harold’s Cross which had all kinds of curios and antiques, closed down. Tom, the owner there, a gentleman and very knowledgeable, allowed Pearse McGloughlin and his brother Kevin to quickly drop in and record a version of a song called ‘Whiskey Tree’ before the closure. The song actually came out of some song-writing workshops Pearse was doing with a group of people experiencing homelessness, people who, for various reasons, had ended up in a pretty bleak place in their lives. The workshops also reminded Pearse of how music can be a source of solace for people.


We in Harold’s Cross are very sad to see the closure of Harold’s Bazaar.


You can watch the video of the song in the shop by clicking: HERE 

Bloomsday 2019




There are other events on in south Dublin around Bloomsday, check out the details here.

Also, the Dublin Sketchers (who presented this year at the Harold’s Cross Festival) are exhibiting at the Olivier Cornet Gallery on Sunday 16th.  See details here.


Here is an excerpt from Cyclops relating to ‘the Marriage of Trees’:-


—As treeless as Portugal we’ll be soon, says John Wyse,

or Heligoland with its one tree if something is not done to

reafforest the land. Larches, firs, all the trees of the conifer

family are going fast. I was reading a report of lord

Castletown’s …

—Save them, says the citizen, the giant ash of Galway

and the chieftain elm of Kildare with a fortyfoot bole and

an acre of foliage. Save the trees of Ireland for the future

men of Ireland on the fair hills of Eire, O.

—Europe has its eyes on you, says Lenehan.

The fashionable international world attended EN

MASSE this afternoon at the wedding of the chevalier

Jean Wyse de Neaulan, grand high chief ranger of the Irish

National Foresters, with Miss Fir Conifer of Pine Valley.

Lady Sylvester Elmshade, Mrs Barbara Lovebirch, Mrs Poll

Ash, Mrs Holly Hazeleyes, Miss Daphne Bays, Miss

Dorothy Canebrake, Mrs Clyde Twelvetrees, Mrs Rowan

Greene, Mrs Helen Vinegadding, Miss Virginia Creeper,

Miss Gladys Beech, Miss Olive Garth, Miss Blanche

Maple, Mrs Maud Mahogany, Miss Myra Myrtle, Miss

Priscilla Elderflower, Miss Bee Honeysuckle, Miss Grace

Poplar, Miss O Mimosa San, Miss Rachel Cedarfrond, the

Misses Lilian and Viola Lilac, Miss Timidity Aspenall, Mrs

Kitty Dewey-Mosse, Miss May Hawthorne, Mrs Gloriana

Palme, Mrs Liana Forrest, Mrs Arabella Blackwood and

Mrs Norma Holyoake of Oakholme Regis graced the

ceremony by their presence. The bride who was given

away by her father, the M’Conifer of the Glands, looked

exquisitely charming in a creation carried out in green

mercerised silk, moulded on an underslip of gloaming

grey, sashed with a yoke of broad emerald and finished

with a triple flounce of darkerhued fringe, the scheme

being relieved by bretelles and hip insertions of acorn

bronze. The maids of honour, Miss Larch Conifer and

Miss Spruce Conifer, sisters of the bride, wore very

becoming costumes in the same tone, a dainty motif of

plume rose being worked into the pleats in a pinstripe and

repeated capriciously in the jadegreen toques in the form

heron feathers of paletinted coral. Senhor Enrique Flor

presided at the organ with his wellknown ability and, in

addition to the prescribed numbers of the nuptial mass,

played a new and striking arrangement of Woodman, spare

that tree at the conclusion of the service. On leaving the

church of Saint Fiacre in Horto after the papal blessing the

happy pair were subjected to a playful crossfire of

hazelnuts, beechmast, bayleaves, catkins of willow, ivytod,

hollyberries, mistletoe sprigs and quicken shoots. Mr and

Mrs Wyse Conifer Neaulan will spend a quiet honeymoon

in the Black Forest.



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