Review of Harold’s Cross – An Irish Childhood

The author gives an authoritative and knowledgeable overview of experiences – in what would appear to be a semi-biographical account – of growing up

In Dublin, Ireland and in particular the area of Harold’s Cross. As seen through the eyes of the young teenage Harry, this satirical view of life in a bygone era, is a joy to behold and read and covers a multitude of the many characters and public figures which populated the Irish scene and which became part of the irish psyche.

Written with tongue very much in cheek, it is educational, informative, with a lightness of touch, displaying a flair for the dramatic and an eye for the irreverent.

Will rekindle memories for those who lived through those times and a light-hearted enlightenment to those of a younger disposition.

A veritable who’s who of Irish life with a treasure-trove of old places, names and characters.

Ben O’Reilly