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 Readings & Music

A group of writers have been working with acclaimed author Adam Wyeth in a series of weekly workshops.  The format on Wednesday night will consist of Geraldine reading one or two poems in between each presentation by a member of the Creative Writing Workshop, followed by a short interlude of music and meditation, and then another “round” of readings.


Adam Wyeth

ADAM WYETH is an award-winning poet, playwright and essayist who lives in Dublin. He has three books published. His critically acclaimed debut collection, Silent Music (2011) was Highly Commended by the Forward Poetry Prize. Adam’s second book, The Hidden World of Poetry: Unravelling Celtic Mythology in Contemporary Irish Poetry (2013) contains poems from Ireland’s leading poets followed by sharp essays that unpack each poem and explore its Celtic mythological references. Adam’s third book and second poetry collection The Art of Dying was published with Salmon in November 2016 and was named as an Irish Times Book of the Year. Adam is also selected poet for the 2016 Poetry Ireland Review’s Rising Generation of poets and is part of the Ireland Poetry Reading Archive at the James Joyce Library in UCD. In 2016 Adam collaborated with composer Michael Doherty (BBC, Channel 4) who adapted three poems for a choral piece, called The Art of Dying which got 2nd prize in the West Cork Chamber Festival 2017.   The Art of Dying   The Hidden World of Poetry

Geraldine Moorkens Byrne

A poet from Dublin, Ireland, her work tends towards an exploration of themes of heritage, spirituality, social justice, and belonging.

Published works include “Eriu Addresses the False Kings” (Gods and Radicals A Beautiful Resistance 2016) “Where Once Stood Tribes” (Asia Geographic) Constance in the Green and other poems (Sixteen Magazine 1916 commemorations) “Bealtine” (Jane Raeburn Anthology, USA); a selection of poems inc “Cliona by the Shore” and “Saving Sylvie” in the Irish Anthology of Modern Poetry “Where the Hazel Falls” (Electric Publications, Wexford, Ireland); The Homecoming and Irish Cowboys (Prairie Poetry, USA); Dowsing in the The Digest, (American Society of Dowsers)

Poems have been performed as theater notably Beltaine (Edinburgh) and Death of the Hero (Ireland) Her poem “Aisling” was among the winners of the John Creedon Listowel Writers Week competition RTE radio 1. She has also published a children’s book PUDDLES! with illustrations by Austin Lysaght. She is a Founder and Editor of the PPP Publishing Collective which has published 3 collections of poets by diverse authors, one non-fiction work and one novel to date.

Her first collection is due out Autumn 2017

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