Viking Artefact Detective game with the National Museum of Ireland

©National Museum of Ireland



On International Museums Day, we are delighted to welcome the education team from the National Museum of Ireland-Archaeology to Harold’s Cross. Please come and meet them, and learn how to think like an archaeologist by trying to solve the puzzle of our mystery replica Viking objects during this drop-in session! On display will be a number of ‘finds’ replicating what has been found in Viking graves and sites, especially those in Dublin. Discover how archaeologists unlock information from such objects and know what Vikings might have been up to in Ireland in the past, whether they were fighting and raiding the local Irish, or trading silver, settling down and creating towns, or heading back out to sea. Also on display will be some objects representing the goods and equipment the Vikings used including a wolf skin, and some animal bones from a Viking excavation.


Presented by Harold’s Cross Festival in partnership with the National Museum of Ireland-Archaeology as part of The National Neighbourhood, a Dublin City Council Culture Company programme that builds cultural projects in community settings. By connecting artists, groups and villages with libraries, museums and creative places, to create, connect and explore together across Dublin city.

This event is suitable for everyone aged 8+.


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