Patrick Gageby

‘Harold’s Cross over time and space – revolutionaries and luminaries’ by Patrick Gageby

Patrick Gageby, who lives locally, has recorded a wide-ranging talk about Harold’s Cross, focusing on some well-known figures with connections to the village. He mentions orchards and hostelries that flourished in the area, and discusses how the village evolved as residential development began to transform Harold’s Cross. Patrick’s talk starts with John Philpot Curran. Apart from being the father of Sarah, he was one of the leading barristers of his day, who represented most of the United Irishmen. Robert Emmet and the whole 1798/1803 era in which Harold’s Cross figured so prominently is also discussed. Mention is made of John Keogh, an important supporter of the United Irishmen and Catholic emancipation: he was the owner of Mount Jerome before it was sold to become a cemetery, and facilitated meetings of the United Irishmen there. Wolfe Tone said of him:’If we lose him I know not where to look for a man to replace him, his services to Ireland have been eminent and more especially to the Catholics.’ This presentation references some interesting old maps, also the orchards of Harold’s Cross –and those who came to steal from them! Patrick’s talk concludes on P.W. Joyce (1827-1914), author of the celebrated The origin and history of Irish names of places, who lived on Leinster Road