Occasional News in Harold’s Cross

  1. BusConnects: The National Transport Authority has commenced the final round of public consultations regarding proposals for the Bus Corridors before they make their submissions to An Bord Pleanála on 2021. These proposals cover significant re-engineering for roads and traffic including four new bus gates in the Harold’s Cross region, one-way systems and re-direction of private vehicles, compulsory purchase orders for some front gardens on Harold’s Cross Road, off-lane cycleways – some on private property, tree removals & replanting etc. All the details are accessible on the web. More HERE

A Public Community Forum information session for the Harold’s Cross Area is scheduled via Zoom from 6:30 to 8pm on Tuesday November 10th. You will need to register to get the Zoom link to attend. More HERE.

The consultation period will run from Wednesday 04th November until Wednesday 16th December 2020.

This NCT “Bus Corridors” project deals with the physical road works. It is separate from and independent of the “Bus Networks” project which deals with bus routes, frequencies, timetables etc. More on the Bus Networks projects in future emails.

  1. Planning:
    1. Kenilworth Motors: An Bord Pleanála has refused permission for 201 build-to-rent, shared-living, strategic housing development on up to five storeys. Click:HERE
  1. Saint Clares Convent: The developershave applied to An Bord Pleanála for an additional 28 apartments bringing the total number to 248. The case is due to be decided by December 21st 2020. Click:HERE
  1. Mount Argus Old Monastery: DCC has granted permission for an additional 21 units at the Homeless Family Hub. The Mount Argus & Church Park Residents Association has appealed the decision to An Bord Pleanála on a number of grounds.

The developers – Mount Argus Monastery Ventures Limited – have also appealed a number of conditions including a condition requiring the unauthorised gate at Church Park Avenue to be permanently closed and the fencing reinstated and made good. Dublin City Council has commenced court proceedings and following an initial hearing on October 20th the case has been re-scheduled to a date in February 2021. The ABP appeal is due to be decided by March 5th 2021. Click: HERE

  1. Old Orphanage beside Centra (199-201a HCR) : DCC has appointed Respond (an Approved Housing Body) to manage the construction of 7 one bed and 5 two bed apartments as per permission granted in 2019. These are to be completed in Q4/21. It is not clear if the retail unit included in the permission is included.
  1. Mount Argus Mill Apartments: An Enforcement Notice requiring Patrizia AG to remove the recently installed pedestrian gates and railings at Mount Argus Road, at the lay-by along Lower Kimmage Road and the bollards at the pedestrian bridge has not been complied with. Patrizia AG have told us that their architects are about to lodge a planning application for  retentionof the additional gates and railings. If this happens we will have an opportunity to make submissions pointing out that the original grant of planning permission emphasised the community gain arising from pedestrian permeability through & across the development. This was scant compensation for the loss to the local community of the perfectly functioning Saint Charles Centre that had a performance space with retractable seating, wheelchair access, toilets, a kitchen, non-skid basketball court regularly used by Special Olympian athletes and meeting rooms. It was the centre for the Mount Argus Summer Project for school children. Dublin City Council directly gained €2.5m on development levies, €1.6m for disposal of a public road servicing the old mill and a block of 13 apartments.
  1. Classic Cinema & Rosie O’Grady Sites: There are many on-going building control issues with the developers showing scant regard for neighbours, parking in private lanes, truck & diggers movements at anti-social hours and dangerously damaging the footpath to name but a few of the issues that have been the subject of complaints to DCC and the Gardaí.
  1. Thanks from everyone to the team who organised and participated in the on-line Halloween Festival. A special word of thanks to the ever wonderful Niki Collier and daughter Tanya for the two felting workshops. If you missed them first time around they were recorded and are available to view HERE.

Halloween Dress-up photos are HERE.

  1. Here’s contact details for our Kimmage-Rathmines Councillors:

Deirdre Conroy (FF) deirdre.conroy@dublincity.ie / 086 280 5413

Carolyn Moore (GP) carolyn.moore@dublincity.ie/ 087 645 2800

Tara Deacy (Soc D) tara.deacy@dublincity.ie / 087 938 9904

Pat Dunne (I4C) pat.dunne1@dublincity.ie / 087 776 4422

Anne Feeney (FG) anne.feeney@dublincity.ie / 087 295 5256

Mary Freehill (Lab) marycfreehill@gmail.com / 086 812 6378

  1. Many more FREE EVENTS in Dublin this week HERE