Niki Collier Art Workshop

Hairband or Brooch Workshop

3 pm Saturday the 15th of May

Make a hairband or a brooch from your old jeans. In this workshop, Niki and her girl Tanya would show you how to make a new adornment from your old pair of jeans. Join us for an hour of fun, making and letting your imagination go. All you need is a pair of scissors and a pair of old jeans.

Here’s the Zoom Link for this event.

Meeting ID: 879 6496 4878

Passcode: 340949

Phoenix Wings – Dance

12 Noon Sunday the 16th of May

Step into the exploration of flying.

This is the story of rebirth, transformation and resilience.

Born from ashes.

Flying through flames.

To reach the unbound place of serenity and strength.

Join Niki and her collaborators in exploring symbols of mobility in this short film through her visual art in collaboration with a dancer.

Niki Collier, concept and art

Tanya Turner – dance

Jaro Waldeck – cinematography

Beta Bajgart – directing, editing

This project is possible with the support of Arts and Disability Ireland.