Harold’s Cross Community Festival 2024 – “Bee Wild”

The Harold’s Cross Community Festival 2024 buzzes with energy under the theme “Bee Wild,” celebrating biodiversity and inclusivity. The festival will showcase the importance of preserving ecosystems, and bring communities together to learn and celebrate the local wild lives and native plants and their role in sustaining a balanced ecosystem. Activities are designed to cater to all ages and abilities to foster a sense of belonging and empower attendees to take action for a greener future. Through unity and education, the festival exemplified how small communities can make a big impact in nurturing our planet’s rich tapestry of life.

The Festival will take place in Harold’s Cross Park on Saturday 18th May & Sunday 19th May 2024. If you’d like to help out with the festival on either May 18th or 19th, please contact Ben on boreilly610@gmail.com or 085-7553658

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