Events from Harold’s Cross Festival 2016


Harold’s Cross Park – 15th May

Sunday was the day where there was Children’s entertainment and Music from the festival stage.  All these events in the park were very popular and the weather was warm and sunny.

Here are some photographs showing the park on that day.

concert singer concert Harolds cross park Harolds cross school choir


Childrens art winners being announced.

Childrens art winners being announced.

Festival Club at McGowans – 14th May


Due to the delay of the play, many people missed Reiska Folk but those who had not been at the play heard them and thought they were very good.

Tony McDermott introduced the Henry Girls who are 3 sisters from Donegal.  They are called Karen, Lorna and Joleen McLaughlin and their band name comes from their grandfather. See our facebook page for a video of them performing.


The Henry Girls being introduced by Tony McDermott

The Henry Girls being introduced by Tony McDermott



Pull Down a Horseman – play – 14th May


This play was in the Upper Room at Mount Argus and had to be delayed because the weather was good but too bright.  One of the priests decided to pull down a blind which had not been used for 40 years and there was a sigh of relief afterwards when the blind went back up.


The actors from the Play

The actors from the Play



Harold’s Cross Park – 14th May


There were various events in Harold’s Cross Park on Saturday 14th May.  It was a beautiful day and the place was very well attended.

Here are some photographs showing the park on that day.

chess harry park


Art Exhibition – 14th May


This exhibition was curated by Eoin Mac Lochlainn and contained works by Nuala Ní Fhlathúin, Ricí Ní Cléirigh, Lorcan Walshe as well as Eoin himself.

There were also works from guests John Mooney and Piaras Mac Lochlainn.  The exhibition was opened by poet Catherine Ann Cullen who had written a poem entitled ‘Nettles’ especially for the show.

Contemporary art is sometimes thought of as difficult to understand.  The invigilators of the exhibition were able to explain the connections and meanings of the artworks to people who came to visit the exhibition and there was some very good feedback from people who felt that they had a much better understanding of the work having heard the explanation.

Daid eoin exhib john Lorcan Nuala


1916 Commemoration Concert – Kimmage Garrison – 13th May

The Kimmage Garrison Relatives Association put on a concert of several different types of music – from traditional to folk to rock.  The audience were very privileged to hear several songs from Eddi Reader together with her accompaniest Alan Kelly from Galway.

DSCN5056 DSCN5059 DSCN5061 DSCN5065 DSCN5067 DSCN5069



Pearse’s Life in 10 Objects by Brian Crowley – 13th May

Brian Crowley gave a very interesting talk on Patrick Pearse.  He illustrated the talk with some of the artefacts in the Pearse Museum/St. Endas in Rathfarnham.  John Horne introduced Brian and there were lots of engaging questions afterwards.

DSCN5046 DSC00705 DSC00702



Poetry at Rosie’s – 12th May


Alison O’Connor compered an event where 5 poets with local connections read both their own poetry and some with 1916 links.  Alison made the comment that a poetry reading where the number of people in the audience exceed the number of poets is a success and that can certainly be said for the full-house in Rosie O’Grady’s pub.


Alison O'Connor with all 5 poets

Alison O’Connor with all 5 poets


Michael O'Loughlin

Michael O’Loughlin

Hugh McFadden

Hugh McFadden

Alan Moore

Alan Moore

Catherine Ann Cullen

Catherine Ann Cullen

Eamon Carr

Eamon Carr


DSC00661 DSC00659 DSC00675

(some pictures of the attendees at the Poetry reading)



Jane Fogarty Art Exhibition Opening – 12th May

The evening was fine and sunny.  Lots of young art world aficionados turned out for the Opening of Jane Fogarty’s exhibition, curated by Pamela O’Donnell, in the building which houses the Festival Office as well as this exhibition.

The Crowd Inside

The Crowd Inside


Eoin Mac Lochlainn, Pamela O'Donnell, Jane Fogarty

Eoin Mac Lochlainn, Pamela O’Donnell, Jane Fogarty


Later - the crowd spilled outside

Later – the crowd spilled outside

Michael Collins by Michael O’Mahony and Pól Ó Murchú – 12th May


The two cousins, both lawyers, gave very insightful talks about the early years of Michael Collins.  Pól gave his in both English and Irish and both later joined the festival goers across the road for the Poetry evening.

In the audience there were several other relatives of Michael Collins including Nora Owen, former minister for Justice, and also some people who had acted or had stories about the film ‘Michael Collins’.


Michael O'Mahony

Pól O Murchú

Pól O Murchú

There was also a fine sculpture in the room, made by a local man – Michael Sinnott, using Douglas Fir and is called ‘Mind over Matter’.

'Mind over Matter' by Michael Sinnott

‘Mind over Matter’ by Michael Sinnott

Recollections of Larkfield by Kimmage Garrison relatives – 11th May


There were stories told by several relatives of people who had stayed at or visited Larkfield around 1916. Larkfield was the place where many of those who came over from England and Scotland lived and worked.


Patty Kelly with her father's medals

Patty Kelly with her father’s medals

fergus joe Padraig cake


(some of the speakers – Fergus, Joe, Padraig, Cait (whose birthday it was)  and Eddi)


Joseph Plunkett by Honor O Brolcháin – 11th may


Honor gave a very interesting illustrated talk about her grandmother (Geraldine Plunkett Dillon) as well as her grandmothers brother (Joe Plunkett) and various other members of the family and their time in Larkfield.

The crowd at Honor's talk

The crowd at Honor’s talk


Honor with Conor while Anne introduces Honor

Honor with Conor while Anne introduces Honor

Honor giving her presentation

Honor giving her presentation

One of the pictures used by Honor - Larkfield

One of the pictures used by Honor – Larkfield


Bunting – 8th May


An army of volunteers assembled to decorate Harold’s Cross Park on the afternoon of Sunday 8th May, to make the park look well for the Festival


Bunting 1 Bunting 2 Bunting 3


Walk and Talk – 7th May

On Saturday 7th May, there was a walk and talk tour of Harold’s Cross with Pat Liddy.  This ran for approximately 90 minutes and was attended by around 40 people.  It was a very successful event and was enhanced by the presence of actors Les Doherty and Elaine Reddy.

Walk and Talk - the crowdWalk and talk - the actors


Hairy Jaysus play – 21st April

Hairy Jaysus is award-winning playwright and actor Donal O’Kelly’s solo play about pacifist, feminist and socialist Frank Sheehy-Skeffington, shot dead in Portobello Barracks Dublin, 26th April, 1916.

Here are a few photos from the play on Thursday night.  Donal O’Kelly delivered an amazing performance that was very well received by the good audience in attendance.  The crowd stayed on afterwards for a very interesting chat with Donal.  A great night and a great start to the festival.