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Occassional News – April 2021

HX Grow Project : Continues to bestow beautiful bountiful benefits ! Last month 5 heritage apple trees were planted inside the main gate of Mount Argus Park. Today a row of similar heritage apple trees was planted on Priory Green. These are  the first steps in restoring the mixed fruit

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Occasional News from Harold’s Cross

Rosary Hall : The fantastic news is that the DCC’s Budget Committee has approved in principal the request by our local Councillors, for full funding for the building remedial works for Rosary Hall.  This funding will allow the building to be brought back into use for both the Youth

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News for March 2021

  Planning : The main developments since the last update are : ·       Shamrock Villas : A site notice dated 12 February 2021 is erected along the lane at Shamrock Villas stating that an application for registration as owner with an Absolute Title has been lodged with the Property Registration Authority on

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Occasional News – Christmas Eve 2020

The HXGrow Project held it’s first ever Creative Christmas Foliage Foraging event on Saturday 5th December. The idea is that people would “forage” seasonable foliage from their gardens or attics and leave them at their front gates for others to collect. The collectables included dried flowers, holly, gilded pinecones, pampas grass, berried

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