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Harold’s Cross Five Point Pledge for General Election Candidates

When General Election candidates call to your home in the coming weeks, ask them have they signed up to the 5 point plan. This is a vow to help our village achieve five major goals during the term of the next government. The “big wins” were drawn up by the Harold’s Cross Village Community Council as part of the wider Harold’s Cross Vision 2025 plan – after a well-attended public meeting last summer.
All General Election 2016 candidates in our constituency are being asked to make the pledge ahead of polling day. Ask the next election hopeful to knock on you door if they have signed up to helping Harold’s Cross become the greenest, healthiest, smartest urban village in Dublin by 2025.



School pals celebrating a 40th reunion are searching Harold’s Cross for one of their classmates.


They believe Marie Molloy – nee O’Brien – has been living in the village since returning from Co Donegal.


Ms Molloy is a former pupil at St Louis High School in neighbouring Rathmines, where she grew up.


Ex-class mates are appealing for anyone in Harold’s Cross who knows her whereabouts to get in contact with them.


They are organising a 40th anniversary reunion of their class for this weekend.


If you can help locate Ms Molloy drop us a line at

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