Brendan Kelly – The Science of Happiness

Brendan in conversation with Alison O’Connor

The Science of Happiness is a relatively new area of scientific research and in this timely audiobook, leading psychiatrist Professor Brendan Kelly sifts through the most up-to-date findings to arrive at a comprehensive set of principles and strategies that are scientifically proven to increase happiness levels. Firstly, Professor Kelly examines the global research that reveals current trends in happiness: for example, those with right-wing political views are happier than those on the left, having a baby increases your happiness levels for two years, 47 is the age of greatest unhappiness and Finland is the happiest country.

He then explains the six overarching principles of a happy life and seven strategies for achieving it – without having to switch political allegiance or move to Finland. Although happiness cannot be purposely built, we can create the circumstances in which happiness is more likely to flourish and so increase our well-being. To this end, the various strategies outlined in this audiobook combine research evidence with scientific, psychological and even spiritual advice in order to chart a happier path through our complex world.

Saturday 15th – 7pm