Planning Refused on 146-156 Harold’s Cross Road

Dublin City Council has Refused permission for 38 apartments at 146-156 Harold’s Cross Road (Hall of Lights – opposite Noshington) for the following reasons:

·       The failure to retain at least the façade of 148-150 Harold’s Cross Road which are considered to be of historical, archaeological and architectural significance.

·       Over development of the site

·       Would provide a poor standard of residential accommodation for future occupiers

·       An unacceptable impact on the amenity of neighbouring occupiers by virtue of creating an overbearing effect, overlooking and loss of daylight and sunlight to occupiers of the Gate Lodge and Gandon Close

·       Overspill parking on the local road network, endanger public safety by reason of traffic hazard and would set an undesirable precedent

Hopefully, the developers will come back with a proposal providing sustainable, quality living accommodation.