Pandemic Pets Winners

Pandemic Puppy Bitch (under 12 months)

1st Place – Nancy

My name is Nancy. I am a wire haired dachshund. I am almost 7 months old, my hobbies are playing and meeting new dogs. I am very friendly and submissive. I’m not a huge fan of walks but I do love the dog park in Marley park, I love nothing more than cuddles with my family, especially belly rubs and watching TV with my dad. My favourite treat is a Carrot and every morning I love running up the stairs to wake up Bonnie and Fia and smother them with kisses. I was rescued by the wonderful DSPCA and then went to my forever home just in time for Christmas. I couldn’t be happier.


Pandemic Puppy Bitch – Second Place

Frankie The Olde English Bulldogge

Frankie is a 5 month old, Olde English Bulldogge. She is stubborn and affectionate in equal measure, extreme in both cases! She’s an absolute sucker for attention. Loves everyone, and every other dog! Thinks she’s 10 times the size she is! Has paws the size of boxing gloves. Eats anything that fits in her mouth! Hates going for walks. She barks at her own reflection. Pees with excitement and loves nothing more than sleeping on the nearest human available.

Luna The French Bulldog

We got Luna 3 weeks after my Mam died and when we got her papers we found out that she was born on my Mam’s birthday ❤ She is the most loving dog and has helped us through a really tough time over the past year.

Pandemic Puppy Dog (under 12 months)

1st Place – Loki The Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Loki was born in December but unfortunately he failed to thrive on his mum. I’m a final year vet student and he was failing fast at less than a week on his mom so when the vet said to bottle feed him I offered to help. Since then he has been NOTHING but a mischievous rogue. He always manages to get into trouble hence the name loki. Before his eyes were even open he would wiggle out of his secure warm bed and try wiggle off the edge of the bed we got zero sleep no matter where we put him he would wiggle to trouble. He will steal any piece of tissue he can find and even breaks into the bathroom to commit the crime. He’s a very clever boy though who knows sit, down, speak, paw and were learning leave it and teeth (tolerating a toothbrush in his mouth) and also learning to tolerate being touched and handled for veterinary related procedures. He’s been a tornado of chaos but well worth the trouble.

2nd Place – Joey the Boxer

This is our boxer boy called Joey, he is still a puppy but is bigger than most dogs he meets on his strolls. I think he was a boxer in his last life because he is always boxing up in the air and even uses our boxing bag in the backyard. Joey is a great dog and made our lives complete.

Pandemic Pooch Male (1-8 years)

Hildy & Django

The poor fella being sat on is an old boy (7yrs) Django. Sitting on him is Hildy ( 8 mts in this photo – 18 mts now ) They are both great Danes and are a very common sight in Harolds Cross Park. The photo was taken last summer in Lough Melvin in Co. Leitrim. Lastly their names – we are Quentin Tarantio fans, In Django unchained, Django is freed by a dentist ( I am a detist ) and his wife Brunhilda (Hildy). Hence the names.

Pandemic Bitch

Hayley The Cockerpoo

Hayley joined us during the pandemic. She hates cats and on her 2nd week chased a cat and broke her leg. It was a €2000 operation to put titanium in her leg but hey now she is loving life

Pandemic Pooch – Second Place

Pandemic Veteran Pooch (9 years or over)

1st Place – Tessie The Jack Russell

Tessie is a 15 year old Jack Russell Terrier. She loves trotting around the streets of Dublin and sitting in front of the fire. She dislikes the postman and motorbikes and isn’t so keen on other cats and dogs. Tessie loves the fact that her humans are working from home and she gets lots of extra attention.

2nd Place Maxi Lopez

Maxi was kidnapped two weeks after he moved to Clareville Road in 2009. He was gone for almost 24 hours but thankfully was found – safe and sound- thanks to a huge community effort. He is 15 years old now and a grand gentleman of Harolds Cross.