Marlet applied for 28 more apartments in the St. Clare’s development

Marlet has applied to add a fifth storey on 3 blocks adding an additional 28 apartments- total 200. They’re also changing the Landscape Plan.

Full Development Description

PROTECTED STRUCTURE: Amendments to previously permitted development Reg.Ref. 2186/15 (An Bord Pleanála Ref.: PL29S.245164) as amended by Reg.Ref. 2825/17 on a site of c. 1.7 ha. The application site includes a Protected Structure RPS Ref.No.: 3583. The proposed amendments consist of the following: – Alterations to proposed Blocks E, F, G (Reg.Ref. 2825/17) to increase the height of the Blocks from 4 no. storeys (13 m) to 5 no. storeys (16 m), the additional storey in Block F will be set back on the eastern elevation at 4th floor level (5 no. storey); – The additional storeys on Blocks E, F and G will provide for 30 no. units (13 no. in Block E, 5 no. in Block F and 12 no. in Block G) and will comprise of 5 no. 1 beds, 18 no. 2 beds and 7 no. 3 beds. – Replacement of 2 no. 3 bed units at ground floor level of Block G with a crèche c. 254 sq.m. An outdoor play area of c. 150 sq.m will also be provided in association with the crèche; – Elevational amendments to Blocks E, F, G including private balconies/ terraces as a result of the additional storey; – Reconfiguration of permitted basement to provide for 160 no. car parking spaces and 226 no. cycle spaces; – Revisions to landscape masterplan layout to provide additional hard and soft landscaping; – Minor alterations to roof plans to provide for flues and lift shafts at roof level and all necessary site works to facilitate the development. The proposed amendments will result in an overall increase of 28 no. additional units, increasing the total number of units permitted under Reg. Ref.: 2186/15 (An Bord Pleanála Ref.: PL29S.245164) as amended by Reg.Ref.: 2825/17 from 172 no. to 200 no. units.