LOKRA’s Valentine celebration

It’s that time of year again- the birds are singing, the buds are popping and thoughts everywhere turn to romance! 

Let LOKRA help spread the love again in 2023!

Love-on with LOKRA is this years Valentine celebration, an opportunity to share crooner moments across the decades and the generations with those you know and love , including right across our community here in #HaroldsCross. 

60 unique clues are displayed the length of Kimmage Road Lower, from the KCR to McGowans Pub.

So- ‘ start spreading the news’ and come be a part of it, catch up with neighbours and friends and solve the clues!

Answers to be posted on LOKRA at the end of the week, so follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to check it out! 

More exciting news to follow. 

Our very sincere thanks as ever to DCC colleagues across all the different sections for their generous support. 

Happy Valentine’s everyone!