HX GROW – Bedding Plant Distribution


From its origins in 2019 the HX GROW project is all about our community.

The project builds social capital through sharing, giving, exchanging and receiving.

The HX GROW social currency is drawn from the natural world where  plants, knowledge, expertise and wisdom which are shared and bartered.

The HX Growers are indeed a contemporary expression of the ancient custom / practice of Meitheal when at certain times of the year the community came together to support each other without money being exchanged. The only expectation was good company, a shared meal and maybe liquid refreshments.

The HX GROW Meitheal have been growing vegetables and decorative plants from seed and now is the time to bring, to show, to enjoy, to share, to exchange, to barter potted seedlings that are ready for planting on to the harvest bounty.

The HX Growers invite the wider Harold’s Cross Community to get involved and learn from our experience of growing, nurturing and cooking your own produce. Pollinator friendly flowers have also been sown this year as part of our exchange event and if you plant these you are helping Harold’s Cross and it’s surrounds to increase its biodiversity, a must for our local bee and butterfly populations and for all of us as a community.

BEDDING PLANT DISTRIBUTION will take place on Saturday 15th May 2021 in dispersed collection points. This is an initiative of Dublin City Council (DCC), and distribution is being facilitated by the HX GROW Project in order to comply with the ongoing restrictions. The dispersed collection points will be private front gardens. Social distancing regulations will be observed.

The distribution event is an opportunity to create floral colour in our community. We particularly encourage you to reach out to neighbours who may be experiencing challenges, and bring some colour into their gardens and window boxes.’ If you have an elderly neighbour maybe you could offer to pop the plants into their window box for them to brighten their day.