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Irish Greyhound Board announce Harold’s Cross Stadium closure

Harold’s Cross Village Community Council greatly regrets todays Irish Greyhound Board’s announcement that the iconic Harold’s Cross Stadium will close with immediate effect.

“The Greyhound Stadium has been synonymous with Harold’s Cross and an integral part of the fabric of the village since 1928″ said community spokesperson Paula Russell. “The Stadium provided a showcase facility for greyhound lovers, owners and breeders in Dublin and beyond.  The buzz and business activity generated in the village every Tuesday and Friday will be sorely missed.  The community is saddened that the progress made in building a stronger more vibrant community in recent years should be jeopardised by this sudden closure.

The Community Council also notes its deep disappointment that the Irish Greyhound Board seem intent in selling this iconic site to the highest bidder with no regard to the impact on the local community.  The Council calls on the Minister for Agriculture, Food and Rural Development to intervene and ensure that there is meaningful engagement with the local community before any disposal takes place.

In terms of future use, the Community Council believes that the site would be an ideal location for a much needed post-primary school for the area.   Harold’s Cross has three excellent primary schools but no post-primary school.   The Department of Education have approved a new post-primary school to cover the Dublin 2, 4, 6 and 8 catchment areas that is due to open in 2018.  This site would in our view be perfect for the new school. It is very centrally located within the catchment area for the approved school, a large population within a short walk of the site and well served by public transport.  The fact that it is already in public ownership and appropriately zoned should make this objective considerably easier to achieve.

There are several large sites in the immediate area already being developed for housing or in planning with the potential to accommodate over 1,000 apartments and houses.  Harold’s Cross desperately needs additional amenities to serve its growing population – not another dense apartment development” concludedDr. Russell.

Harold’s Cross Five Point Pledge for General Election Candidates

When General Election candidates call to your home in the coming weeks, ask them have they signed up to the 5 point plan. This is a vow to help our village achieve five major goals during the term of the next government. The “big wins” were drawn up by the Harold’s Cross Village Community Council as part of the wider Harold’s Cross Vision 2025 plan – after a well-attended public meeting last summer.
All General Election 2016 candidates in our constituency are being asked to make the pledge ahead of polling day. Ask the next election hopeful to knock on you door if they have signed up to helping Harold’s Cross become the greenest, healthiest, smartest urban village in Dublin by 2025.