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Bat Conservation Ireland Daubenton’s Bat Training Workshop Herbert Park,The Hive, July 14th 8.30 pm

bat1As part of Bat Conservation Irelands Annual Daubentons Bat Survey , Dublin City Council wiil be hosting a Daubentons Bat Talk  and walk in Herbert Park, Ballsbridge  from 8.30 pm to 10.30 pm  on  July 14th. This guided workshop will be given by Tina Aughney of Bat Conservation Ireland as part of the preparation for the Annual Daubenton’s Bat Survey which will be conducted over August.  Training on bat surveying will be given using bat detectors on the bank of the River Dodder. The Daubentons Bat is known as the water bat because of its preference to roost and feed close to water such as rivebat2rs and lakes. It is easy to identify because it is the only species of all our nine resident species of bat that can be seen continuously skimming the water surface as it is feeds on insects.  A Daubentons Bat which typically can weigh between 7 grams to 11 grams can increase its body weight by 57% after and hour feeding on a waterway.  Its presence on a waterway is a good indication of biodiversity and water quality. Bats are a protected species under wildlife legislation and you can help with their conservation by participating in this citizen science event

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