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Welcome to the Harold’s Cross Community site


Photos: Esther Moliné

The Community Council


The Community Council was originally set up in 2007 when a significant number of sites had become available for redevelopment. As residents of the locality we wished to be proactive in the redevelopment process and to serve the community by improving the delivery of community services and facilities, encouraging positive citizenship and encouraging educational and cultural events.

To that end, since 2009 we’ve had a community festival every year in May which includes Children’s Carnival, Music, Art, Literature, History and Walking tours.
We have also had very successful Light up the Tree events since 2014 in Harold’s Cross park.

In November 2013, Harold’s Cross won the Cities Category of the 2013 / 2014 All Island Irish Public Bodies Pride of Place Competition. The organisation of these events has meant a growing number of residents from all over the Harold’s Cross area volunteering and getting to know their neighbours better.

If you wish to contact the Harolds Cross community council please e-mail

Harold’s Cross Credit Union to close Saturday 30th January, 2016

From Harold’s Cross Credit Union Website

The financial services market has changed dramatically in recent years. New, higher standards of regulation and compliance have been implemented by the Central Bank and apply to all organisations within the financial services sector, including credit unions. The challenge for us has been how to nurture growth and create organisations which are better able to manage these complex regulatory requirements and deliver twenty-first century services efficiently and effectively to a wider membership base, while retaining the special ethos and community spirit of the credit union movement.

To further this goal, we have sought a strategic alliance with the Rathfarnham & District Credit Union, a strong, vital credit union which has positioned itself as the anchor for the merger of like-minded credit unions in South Dublin and beyond. Rathfarnham’s merger with Templeogue Credit Union in 2015 was the first stage of this process, and following the merger with Harold’s Cross, will result in an organisation with 24,000 members and over €90 million in assets.

The combined credit unions will trade under the name of Rathfarnham and District Credit Union, with branch offices in Rathfarnham Village, Nutgrove Shopping Centre, Fortfield Park and Harold’s Cross. The advantages for members and staff of the larger organisation will include increased investment in new products, services and staff development, leading to further growth and better services for members and more opportunities for staff.

Below, we have set out a number of questions and answers which we hope will deal with most of your queries. If you have additional questions or would like to discuss any aspect of the amalgamation, you may do so in any of the following ways:

  1. By post addressed to the Board, Harold’s Cross Credit Union, 244-246 Harold’s Cross.
  2. By telephone or in person during opening hours.
  3. Directly to the Central Bank at Registry of Credit Unions, P. O. Box 559, Dame Street, Dublin 2.

Please note that all representations must be received no later than 26 January 2016.

In conclusion, we would like to thank you all for your continued loyalty and support.

Beverly Sperry, Chairperson

Joseph Glynn, Secretary

Amalgamation with Rathfarnham & District Credit Union

Harold’s Cross Credit Union, January 2016


1) Will the office in Harold’s Cross remain open? Yes. In addition, you will be able to transact business in the offices in Rathfarnham Village, Nutgrove Shopping Centre, and Fortfield Park. The booklet you received in the post contains the addresses and opening hours of these offices.

2) Will the name stay the same? No. Once the Transfer of Engagement is complete, we will trade as Rathfarnham & District Credit Union. Although this name will be used on all documents, your transaction receipts and account statements will otherwise be

3) Will I be dealing with the same people I am used to seeing? Yes. All of the staff in Harold’s Cross will be participating in the merger and you will see their welcoming faces behind the counter as you have always done. Over time, you will also get to know some new faces.

4) What will happen to my accounts? Your savings accounts and loans remain unaffected by the change, and savings will continue to enjoy the benefits of the Government’s Deposit Guarantee Scheme up to a maximum of €100,000 per member.

5) Will the opening hours change? Yes. The opening hours of the Harold’s Cross Road office will be extended and harmonised with those of the wider RDCU organisation. This will give you access to face-to-face interaction with credit union staff six days every week, subject to an individual office’s open/close days.

6) What new services will be available? You can have your salary, pension, social welfare payments, grants, etc., paid directly into your credit union account. This is because your account will become SEPA-enabled, which means that your account will have its own unique IBAN and BIC codes.

7) What else will having a SEPA-enabled account mean for me? You will also be able to make payments from your credit union account into accounts in other SEPA-enabled credit unions and banks in Ireland as well as any of the 30+ SEPA countries worldwide. This can be accomplished either face-to-face in one of the four offices or from the comfort of your own home or workplace via the Web.

8) What happens to my membership? All current members of the Harold’s Cross Credit Union will automatically become members of the Rathfarnham and District Credit Union, and the RDCU Common Bond will be extended to include all current and prospective members of the Harold’s Cross Common Bond.

9) I have more questions. How can I get in touch with you? There is a dedicated email account in place to answer your questions about the amalgamation. Comments and queries sent to will receive prompt attention.

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